Qubit to Orbit..!


Novel Robotics for risky operations for terrestrial and space applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning techniques to perform crucial and uncertain computations.


Emerging Nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of systems to the newer level.


Quantum Technologies and Quantum Computations to solve hard problems....

What we do...?

We, at Qubitor, solve crucial market problems with Artificial Intelligence Robotics by applying Quantum & Nano technologies..


Tackling the World’s Hardest Problems Using Quantum Machine Learning..!

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Sound extremely intimidating and I have to admit all those words together are pretty scary so I wouldn’t put it past you if you run away...

Understanding Nanotechnology and How it Will Disrupt Our Future

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Nanotechnology is exactly what the word sounds like, technology at a scale around 10–100 nanometers large...

How Asteroid Mining Will Pave the Way for Safe, Comfortable Space Exploration Vehicles and Even Space Colonies

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We didn't even know that Astroids existed until 1801, when Piazza came across Ceres...

Robotics from Nano to Space...!


Quantum Computation...!

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